Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jack Frye In The NY Times

News articles about Jack Frye published in the NY Times.
Compiled by JUSTIN LIBBY, contributing author - AAHS

 A Stinson SR-9C Reliant, NC18407, owned and restored by Dean Del Bene
to represent an American Airways route survey plane. Seen here at EAA
AirVenture 2011.(photo by Robert Burns)

Archives II, College Park, MD
Western Historical Manuscript Collection at the University of Missouri - Kansas City

“Sets Transcontinental Airplane Record,” May 14, 1934, 1; “On Newark‐Los Angeles Air Mail Service,” May 19, 1934, 4
“Made General Manager and V.P. of TWA Inc., ” September 26, 1934, 22
“Radio Speech on Ocean Air Service,” November 3, 1934, 13.
In the year 1939 there were many articles relating to Transcontinental and Western Air. These essays can be found in The New York Times Index, Year 1939, 2106‐2107. In particular, see, “Shake‐Up in Board of Directors Seen as Jack Frye, President and P.E. Richter, V.P. Acquire Control,” April 25, 1939, 35
“Howard Hughes Buys Stock: Becomes Largest Stockholder,” May 11, 1939, 27
“Helps Develop Transcontinental and Western As Giant Transport Planes,” May 22, 1941, 11
“Speech on Sky Fleet, San Francisco Press Club,” January 10, 1943, 7
“Holds Post‐War Sea and Air Transport Will Complement Each Other,” October 15, 1943, 11
“Speech on Post‐War Aviation Policy,” December 1, 1943, 31
“Elected Aeronautical Sciences Institute Fellow,” January 14, 1944, 17
“Flies Lockheed Constellation Transport Plane in record Non‐Stop Transcontinental Flight,” April 18, 1944, 1
“Editorial,” April 19, 1944, 22.
“Speech On Post‐War Air Service,” August 16, 1944, 12
“Testifies CAB Permit Hearing,” October 24, 1944, 13
“Testifies, Senate Subcommittee Hearing On Airline Monopoly Bill,” April 11, 1945, 23
“On Transatlantic Air Routes Decision,” August 13, 1945, 13.

In the post‐war era articles worth reading include:

“Piloting TWA Record‐Breaking Flight,” February 4, 1946, 27
“Testifies Pilots Wage Board Hearing,” January 6, 1946, 6 and June 7, 1946, 2
“On Flying Post Office Potentialities,” September 26, 1946, 21
“Arrives LaGuardia Field In Private Plane,” November 1, 1946, 10
“Sees TWA Staff Cut As Result of Strike,” November 16, 1946, 1
“Portrait,” November 16, 1946, 3
“Getting Medal for Merit for Outstanding Services To US, December 1941‐August 1945,” December 23, 1946, 30
“Conference With Howard Hughes on TWA Refinancing,” January 8, 1947, 32
“Resigns As TACA and TWA Director: Sells 1,000 Shares of TWA Common Stock,” January 16, 1947, 39
“Reduces TWA Holdings,” February 11, 1947, 40
“Resigns as TWA President: Career: Explains Resignation,” February 22, 1947, 1
“Portrait,” April 15, 1947, 35; “Seeks Divorce,” June 1, 1950, 54
“Divorced,” June 27, 1950, 17
“Career and Role Airline and film Corporation President,” December 9, 1951, III, 3
“Testifies On Air Safety,” February 16, 1956, 1
“Killed in Auto Crash,” February 4, 1959, 1 and one article found in The New York Herald Tribune, VII, February 11, 1945, 84+

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Connie 48610 - The First Air Force One!

This is one of three Lockheed Constellation planes President Eisenhower used during
the early years of his presidency in the 1950's. (Photo by Steve Shadley)

Read the article here

Constellation 48610 - Columbine II, 1953
video courtesy The First Air Force One

This just in from a close friend who thought the blog would enjoy watching. Thank you Kirk!

This long lost Connie is the very first Air Force One that served General Dwight Eisenhower. It now resides north of Tucson Arizona being attended to by a small crew of restoration enthusiasts who are trying to save her from eternal dilapidation. 

If Jack Frye were around when this gem of a plane was removed from service, I am sure he would have rounded up his buddies and some investors to keep this plane in top running order for posterity. One can only imagine...

Enjoy the video,

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Constellation Anniversary Flight

Hi Jack Frye and TWA fans and followers.

We had reported the re-enactment Flight of the Connie sponsored by the National Airline History Museum (NAHM) on this post as being scheduled to occur April 17, 2014. This was to be the 70th anniversary flight from Burbank California to Washington DC commemorating the maiden commercial flight in 1947 piloted by Jack Frye and Howard Hughes.

I am sad to report the flight has been postponed due to reasons unknown at this time. For up to date info you may follow this link. Lets hope this historic flight does indeed take place...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Frye & Western Air embrace Lucky '13'

A young 30 year old Jack Frye on May 13, 1934 paints no.13 on the tail fin of NC584K
defying superstition for the new mail line. Read the related numerology below.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Frye Ranch Video

This video encapsulates our trip to the Frye Ranch in Wheeler Texas this summer. We hope it gives you a sense of where Jack Frye grew up until he left for California in 1922. Its a beautiful sprawling place that most people would enjoy raising a family and tending cattle and livestock which the Frye's experienced on this ranch. Keep in mind, the video only shows 100 acres or so of the original 15,000 acres. Currently there are numerous natural gas and oil wells on the ranch properties. In fact all of Wheeler County is peppered with hundreds of wells as you can see in the still photo below.

Its no wonder that Jack Frye was such a likable and congenial human being. His upbringing on this ranch equipped him with core work ethic and people values to handle the huge tasks and pioneering efforts he made in the airline industry. This thanks to his parents and grandparents who instilled in young Jack the recognition of his potential to succeed. His roots here at home prepared him well for the big world beyond small town Wheeler Texas.
We hope to return and visit with family members that reside on the ranch in the near future. I can't repeat this enough, that, we are very grateful for the Puryear family to allow us to visit and enjoy our day on the ranch. It was a trip and day of discovery and experience I will always cherish.   Enjoy

Friday, October 4, 2013

Jack Frye in the movie, The Aviator

The movie The Aviator directed by Martin Scorsese won an Academy Award for best Screenplay by John Logan. It was and is a fantastic splash of fast airplane action and beautiful cinematography surrounding the life of billionaire Howard Hughes. One of the key characters whom we are most interested in is Jack Frye and his portrayal in the film.

If you have seen the film and would be interested in my review of Frye's character, I have posted a page containing my thoughts in a total of 9 scenes in the movie. If you have not viewed the movie I would like to encourage you to do so. Its very entertaining and worth your time. You can access my review via the link below.