Friday, May 10, 2013

Flight of the CONNIE by the NAHM

I am pleased to announce a brand new website that fits right in with our current topic of interest - The Costellation. Mr. John Roper, National Airline History Museum VP of Operations has just forwarded to me the new site covering the restoration process of a Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation aircraft registration number N6937C.

Website screenshot

This video is John Roper addressing the museum members and guests at the
2013 annual meeting covering past and present events at the museum.
You can follow along at by clicking on this link to witness the unfolding of the historic recreation of the inaugural 1944 flight Jack Frye and Howard Hughes piloted from Burbank to Washington DC in a record setting 6 hours, 58 minutes!

Be sure to register to receive updates on the 70th anniversary flight schedule of the Star of America slated for April 2014. This should be a spectacular event I cant wait for. Many thanks to the National Airline History Museum for all of the volunteers and personal donations that are making this historic event possible.


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