Saturday, August 3, 2013

'Three Muskateers' of TWA Together Again

Images courtesy WHMCKC

Since the early days when stick and canvas planes were the standard tools of the trade for Aero Corp and Standard Airlines, these three gentleman, Hamilton, Frye and Richter had a common bond and determination to build a company the flying public would have full confidence in, and experience a travel mode second to none. Glamour, comfort and safety were these pioneers normal way of doing business and they did it better than any other during the pioneering era of the 1920's.
Later, Walt Hamilton served in the USNR and as an executive with Douglas Aircraft, and Paul Richter served as assistant chief of staff of the Naval Air Transport service. The three reunited in 1945 with TWA as the original trio again with old friend, pilot and president, Jack Frye. Resumption of business and forward thinking from the top with the Three Musketeers running the show infused excitement and a positive outlook to the future throughout the company. TWA employee's loved The Three Musketeers and they loved their employees. They were glad to be back together again.

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