Friday, December 7, 2012

JACK FRYE blog intro - 12/07/12

Jack Frye - 1937

Welcome to the new 'JACK FRYE - AVIATION PIONEER' blog. We are so glad you found us, we have lots of past, present and new information to share with you as we fly along with Jack and his legacy. We hope you enjoy the blog by getting involved with one of the greatest aviators and commercial businessmen of all time! 

My research comes from many hours of reading books my dad shared with me, surfing the Internet, and collaborating with much joy, Jacks daughter, Nevajac Frye. Also the many historians and aviation enthusiasts who have and continue to collaborate with us to bring you up to date information and facts about JACK FRYE, one of the worlds greatest aviators.

As a side note, I have been putting together the Johnson family tree that includes the Frye family. More to come on this exciting subject.

I have had a love affair with aviation since a kid and I now know why. Its in the family genes. Its interesting how we latch onto certain interests at a young age. Cars, trains, science, whatever tickles ones psyche in the tender years that shapes us for a lifetime. Airplanes did it for me and having Jack Frye connected in our family heritage answers all the questions why flight is so central to this author.

Enjoy a recent video covering Jack Frye's career in photos.

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Jack Frye - Aviation Pioneer blog

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