Friday, December 28, 2012

Jack Frye - Deputized

In 1926, Los Angeles Sheriff William Traeger had a bright idea for chasing down criminals in their getaway cars that the pilots at Aero Corp over at Burdett Field were more than abliged to help out. From what we know this is the very first Airiel Deputy duty program in aviation, on the west coast at least. And who did the good sheriff swear in?

From L to R in these clippings published from two different papers, Walter Hamilton, Lee Wiley, Richard Edwards, Jack Frye and Paul Richter. Sheriff Traeger was then made honory pilot of the Aero Corporation of California.

Just another forward thinking move by Jack Frye including his business partners in the quest of modern aviation and its many advantages to commerce, and passenger travel. I cant help but think Jack must of had a ball chasing down the bad guys in his Fokker, getting more hours of challenging seat time flying in the old birds. Those criminals didn't have a chance!

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