Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Stratoliner is Introduced

In connection with the introduction of the new Stratoliner in 1940 as shown above at the Boeing Seattle plant, Representative Cannon, (D. Mo.) states in retrospect that railroad and automobile travel has been the safest in the land. But he follows up his summary that airline travel has not experienced one fatality so far in 1940. Jack Frye's vision has finally become the universal standard from which all future air travel is to be conducted. Remember his motto? Safety, Comfort and Schedule.
President Frye making an announcement to all TWA employee's the challenge ahead as more and more customers make flying a preferred mode of travel further and further away from home. The world is suddenly becomming smaller and smaller in 1940 and he is fully aware of its huge impact on air service.
 Image courtesy WHMCKC

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