Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SEE the CONNIE breath its Flames

These videos graphically capture the essence of the Wright R-3350 engines that propelled the Constellation. It must have been unnerving for first time passengers on board to see fire shooting out of all 72 cylinders into 12 exhaust pipes, but in those days this was the norm.
The video sequence below begins with a restored KLM L749 Connie starting up and taking off in daylight hours. I posted this to show you the stark difference of engine exhaust flames from daytime to night flights. The second video is from inside the cabin up close and personal. The third video is taken from the ground as she takes off at dusk with engines howling and breathing flames! Just a spectacular view of the greatest prop driven airliner ever put into service.

The final video below shows a Super Constellation taking off in the darkness of night showing the full effect of the Wright R-3350 engines at 100% output. Spectacular!

To heck with air pollutants and quiet engines, this is shear beauty at its finest in vintage air travel. As someone once quoted,

"Engines don't make noise, they make sound"

Enjoy the show...

video courtesy DonVanZon


video courtesy Sam Chui


video courtesy Ryan Hutchins


video courtesy Anthony Hicks

 Thank you Jack Frye, Howard Hughes & Lockheed
for making this beautiful ship for the world possible.

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