Monday, June 3, 2013

The CONNIE Flight Log

It's not very often you encounter historical documents or anything directly connected to a special moment of history. As a matter of fact with what I am now able to share with our blog followers, this could not happen without the generosity of John Roper and the National Airline History Museum. I consider these images in the top 3 of the items I have shared on the Jack Frye blog to date! They are very cool... Thank you very much John, and the Museum!
What you are viewing is the actual flight log of the historic April 17, 1944 flight of the Constellation flown by Jack Frye and Howard Hughes marking a new record non-stop flight that rocked the world.
Another thought I have related to the coming recreation Flight of the Connie in 2014 is, I wonder how close the flight crew of that future flight will be able to come to the numbers recorded on this original log. If I were on the flight crew my competitive nature would tell me to better the 6:58. Something tells me Jack Frye would attempt to better it as well. Prevailing weather will surely have its say on the result but the comparison's will be interesting to see.

Images courtesy National Airline History Museum, 2013
Enjoy studying the original flight record of one of the most famous flights in aviation history right here on the Jack Frye blog, the online home of the famous aviator that made it happen.

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