Saturday, July 20, 2013

'Star of Paris' Christened and Flown, 1945

Finally, Jack Frye's vision of a truly International passenger travel line is about to become a reality. The 'Star of Paris' on December 3, 1945 was officially christened for this momentous milestone in International travel. The TWA "preview" flight departed from Washington National Airport in DC for Paris with a very precious cargo, the newly discovered miracle drug, Penicillin! The pilot of the Trans-Atlantic airliner was TWA's own, Harold Blackburn. Total flight time including stops in Newfoundland and Ireland was a record breaking 14 hours and 48 minutes with an average air speed of 316 mph. Another TWA first!
Below are photos of the Star of Paris being christened by Mme. Henri Bonnet in Washington DC, and Mrs. Helen Frye in Paris. The aircraft photo on the ramp is presumed to be the same aircraft, the only color image known.
Mme. Henri Bonnet in DC

Mrs, Helen Frye in Paris

Star of Paris NC86505

Frye and TWA's advertising group wasted no time presenting to the public it's new service to Paris. This very artistic and inviting poster says it all! The Jack Frye vision of global travel had finally culminated into his dream far beyond what he could have ever imagined on the ranch that day he encountered a few old biplanes as a young boy. A remarkable feat for Jack himself, but for his company as a World leader in air travel.


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