Wednesday, July 24, 2013

TWA wins Safety Award, 1945 Best Year Ever!

Mr. Ned H. Dearborn, president of the National Safety Council, in response to a 'perfect safety record' for the year 1945, sent president Jack Frye a letter that stated,
"It is with great pleasure that we inform you that Transcontinental & Western Air, has been granted a Certificate of Safe Operations - in recognition of its having operated the entire year of 1945 without a passenger or crew fatality. The directors and staff of the National Safety Council join me in extending to you our heartiest congratulations on this fine contribution to safe air transportation."
Read Jack Frye's response to this letter of recognition beginning in second paragraph. 

At the new year of 1946, a letter by Jack Frye to his employees reviews the greatest year in TWA's history, that is 1945. Some of the highlights he touches on are:

  • The greatest air traffic ever.
  • The most airplanes TWA had ever flown.
  • TWA awarded new routes to Europe, Middle East, Africa, India and Caylon.
  • First plane to span the Atlantic by TWA, a Douglas Skymaster.
  • TWA's first commercial Constellation, the Paris Skychief flew from DC to Paris in record time setting a new standard for International airline travel.
  • Various new domestic routes established across the US.
  • The purchase of 36 new Constellations for $30,000,000.
  • Acquisition of 8 leased Douglas DC-4 airliners for overseas operations.
  • 5 Stratoliner aircraft re-purchased from the military, updated and reconditioned for Transcontinental duty.
  • Over 9,000 over-ocean missions for the Air Transport Command.
  • The welcoming back of hundreds of employee's from military service, plus the addition of 3,000 more new employee's, totaling 10,000 employees company wide.

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