Sunday, September 1, 2013

Frye announces First ever Shorter World Travel routes

With all of the pioneering TWA developments in air travel up to this point in 1946, our favorite airline president, Jack Frye had done it again. And you the flying public have a lot to be thankful for that Mr. Frye's impact along with his terrific TWA team made it so that traveling from the US to the Orient and Europe in the shortest amount of time would establish airline routes we have enjoyed for over 47 years now!
I tell you, if there ever was a story of a man's life in aviation to be told to the world on the big screen, Jack Frye's is it. Speilberg, Scorsese or whomever, are you listening? The Jack Frye blog will be happy to consult and help capture the essence of this true American hero...
Here we see Jack Frye, second from right, conferring with other airline company executives about the new shorter world travel routes. He and Northwest Airlines executives had agreed to take the lead on this new frontier after hearing many complaints from passengers that the traditional lines across the globe were just too long. So, Jack Frye, being the quintessential visionary, decided to do something about it - another notable TWA first!

First announcement of the new shorter world travel routes.
Here shown is retired Navy Rear Admiral H.B. Miller, recently hired in 1946 by Jack Frye to head the TWA public relations department with his first order of business being to address the consumer complaints on new world travel developments. It was a success!

Images courtesy WHMCKC

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