Saturday, September 14, 2013

Jack Frye receives Presidential Medal of Merit

I believe Jack Frye being the Texas gentleman and genuine man of service to his employees and customers was never out to be in the limelight, but rather to just do the job the very best he could. We have seen this characteristic of him throughout this blog space time and time again. Especially during the war when duty called for the country to pitch in to defeat the enemy. WWII was a cleansing period of history for which we all today are deeply indebted to the hundreds of thousands of GI's sacrificial service and the thousands of industries who supported them in so many ways. Aviation was key to the defeat of Hitler and the Japanese forever sealing victory for freedom and mankind during this critical period of our history. And being the gentleman he was, Jack Frye freely extended congratulatory credit to all of his employees for their excellent service.

Image courtesy Nevajac Frye collection

President Truman awarded Jack Frye the Presidential Medal of Merit - October 1, 1947, 12:45 P.M.
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Jack Frye and his company Trans World Airlines was one of the very first key companies led by a man who deeply loved his country. And he was certainly deserving of the award we are sharing with you on this post - the Presidential Medal of Merit. America's top civilian decoration for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services to the United States. There are only 65 recipients of this honor while it was in appointment!

If you have followed along these many months on the Jack Frye Aviation Pioneer blog, you will have realized this honor was perfectly suited for the man who had a dream way back in 1923. There was never one more deserving of this honor that finally put Jack Frye in the limelight he so richly deserved. If you are just joining the blog. I hope you start at the beginning post and read and learn of this pioneering aviation hero of all time. You will be richly rewarded for doing so... Enjoy

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