Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ed Betts on Aero Corp & Standard Airlines

Mr. Ed Betts, retired TWA pilot and aviation historian now deceased, produced what I think is the best accounting of Jack Frye's Aero Corp and Standard Airlines that I know of. It was this article that really set me off into the study of these pioneering airlines and the seeded desire to know about my cousin, Nevajac Frye's father. My father being a reader of great depth and ferocity had one day in the 90's sent me a copy of the AAHS Journal volume 39, number 3 (Fall 1994) of which after reading the Betts article, I was set on a new flight path of both aviation and family history.

The stand alone page link below gets you to the Ed Betts article in full. Right click on the images when you get there to view in full size for best reading enjoyment. Eric

L-R: Paul Richter, 'Tommy' Tomlinson, Jack Frye, Walter Hamilton

Click here for the Ed Betts article.

Many thanks to the AAHS Journal for allowing the Jack Frye blog to post this work online.

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