Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Compassionate President

One of the most revealing character traits a person can display and be remembered for all time, is ones active compassion towards his fellow man. This is often overlooked and even purposely avoided in big business in order to save money and or ones skin. It usally comes down to economics to keep the shareholders happy with their bottom line. But in this case not with Jack Frye...
This excerpt from Robert Serlings book - Howard Hughes Airline, An Informal History of TWA, beautifully captures the essence of Jack Frye and his regard for his employees during a time of great difficulty during the great depression. When I first read this it nearly floored me, and made me very proud that Jack would extend himself to the point of making his employees more important than himself and those shareholders. Try to imagine the committment he made and see if you would make the same decision Jack Frye did. I for one know it would have been a monumental decision, but something tells me Jack Frye's visionary talent and sheer confidence kicked in again as it had so many times before, and, I believe it, that is his compassion and deep caring about employees and airline progress as a whole, made it an easy decision to go ahead and move forward with the large Douglas contract investment against all odds. I'm thankful he did as without this key decision, I am quite confident the path ahead for TWA would have affected its future growth in a negative way.
And with this landmark decision by Jack Frye, we will move forward into the DC Aircraft era of TWA.

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