Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jack Frye - The "Kid-Magnate"

This Arizona Daily Star article is very revealing of Jack Frye's visionary traits and dedication to the early airline industry.

At just age 25, in this article, Jack Frye addresses the Pima County Bar Association about the future of aviation in the Southwest. He refers to aviation as a "good substitute to the fountain of youth." His vision of transporting passengers up to 20 per plane, and businessmen being able to travel all the way from El Paso to Los Angeles is ground breaking news for 1927. He also emphasises passenger safety during a time when the public were very reluctant to board a flying machine. Safety was a hallmark of Standard Airlines having flown over 37,000 miles the prior five years without incident. Jack was quite a salesman as well as a respected and highly experienced pilot that could back up what he said in front of serious legal professionals.

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