Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Frye wishes employees a Very Merry

Here we have Jack Frye in his second year as TWA President wishing TWA employees a very Merry Christmas in 1936, as well as admonishing them for a job well done. By his words one can easily tell Mr. Frye loved his employees and realized they're huge contribution to the company's success. This attitude and persona of Mr. Frye continued throughout his 13 year tenure as TWA's president.
Jack Frye was and still is a very well respected President and businessman industry wide. It is true that even today, retired TWA employees speak very well of Jack Frye's positive influence and guidence of TWA during its infancy, through to its worldwide success as an airline leader. This especially makes this writer proud knowing uncle Jack always put others first to the point he would not succumb to the negative trappings one could easily weild with the power and influence he possessed.

Images courtesy WHMCKC

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