Sunday, February 3, 2013

Video: Douglas Commercial #1

Or more commonly known as, the DC-1. The very first all metal airliner design that set in motion a revolutionary jump in passenger and cargo travel thanks to Jack Frye. We have extensively covered the no.1's design concept and its history beginning with Jacks famous letter of new design specs to his friend Donald Douglas, the fifth of five vendors who accepted the task.
To read all about it, click here for the DC1 page from beginning to its lonely end.
From here we will be sharing some really neat articles and photos beginning in 1935 when the DC aircraft were known as TWA Skyliners.

Here is a short walk around video of a DC-2 in vintage TWA colors. She sure looks great doesn't she? I am not sure if this is an original ultra rare DC-2 or a replica. I am aware of only 2 at most of the original 150, maybe one of them flying today. I am in search of any video of a real DC-2 and will post on the blog if ever revealed.


The following image is what is known as the 'Radio Trophy', a very attractive award that went to the most efficient landborn radio stations in support of TWA airliners during point to point communications in all manner of weather conditions. In December 1935, this award went to the 'Pittsburg Radio Department'.

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