Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Personal Jack Frye DC-1 Photo

What we have here is a large and one of a kind photograph of the new DC-1 flying over the Hannible Bridge in St. Louis Missouri. All indications show that it measures 18" x 16". This is a photo that is part of Jack Frye's personal collection, but its wherabouts is unknown. It was presented to him on Christmas day, December 25, 1933 by either some employees or a team at Douglas Aircraft. There are four names inscribed on the matte but I havent been able to perfectly identify yet.

I received this photocopy in 2005 from Jacks brother in law. It is a prized possession and it is hoped the photograph and other personal possessions of Jacks are located and put in proper display for the public to view, and or returned to Jacks rightful living heir. At least now we can view a new piece of airline history right here on the Jack Frye blog.

Any information of the wherabouts of Jack Frye's personal collection and TWA memorabilia are greatly appreciated.

Please inquire here and the proper representative of the Jack Frye family will be in contact with you.

Eric Johnson
Jack Frye blog

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