Thursday, April 4, 2013

Frye Announces TWA Plans, June 1940

New TWA TRANSCONTINENTAL Routes for the Stratoliner. The next historic milestone in air travel for Jack Frye and company. These were exciting times to be able to serve passengers nationwide with the new Stratoliners and their comfortable pressurized cabins. When we compare a route map of the 21st century and its hundreds of lines amassed like a city of spider webs, versus the simple map below from 1940, this truly depicts the sensational advancement and coverage airline companies have weaved into the fabric of our nation, and the globe!

We take it for granted that airline travel in the pioneering years up to 1940 as shown here, was not a normal everyday occurance folks could experience going about their daily business. We tend to forget, this period was still a luxury to be able to fly from state to state, and coast to coast for the average citizen. It was still out of reach for the masses for reasons of affordability and the fact that there just wasn't enough seat space to go around. Oh yes, Jack Frye must have had many nights of sleeplesness wrestling with how-to accomodate more and more passengers and to grow his company safely, on time and at a profit. This announcement might well have been one of those nights he was able to wrestle and tame knowing his companies new plans were pointing toward success.

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