Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Frye Inspects New Stratoliners

I am pleased to present a brand new photo donated to the Jack Frye Aviation Pioneer blog by Mr. Jon Proctor, retired TWA employee. The photo is of superior quality and shows some interesting styling selections in the seat upholstery with stars embedded. Since this is the very first airliner with a pressurized cabin enabeling it to fly passengers safely and comfortably in the sub-stratosphere (closer to the stars), could it be the designers and Jack wished to help passengers grasp this subliminal "closer to the stars" idea? Who's to say. Also note it appears the gentleman are sitting in what might be the first class section. From what Jon mentions in his comments, one can surmise Jack was out on the west coast on business to inspect the brand new planes prior to their delivery to Kansas City.

(right click image to view full size in a new window)

Here are Jon's comments:

"I have attached a picture of Jack, sitting in a Stratoliner, that came to me from Ed Betts (mentioned on your site); he and I were great friends and corresponded frequently before his passing. I believe he got it from Boeing, which leads me to believe it was taken at Seattle before the first Stratoliner was delivered. Unfortunately there was no caption with the picture and I don't have a name for the other person. More than likely it was an Boeing official. I've put out some feelers and if I find the name I'll let you know. Jon Proctor".

Be sure to visit Jon Proctors website at He has a very interesting and informative career history with TWA, Pan Am, and is an accomplished historian/journalist having written several airline books.

Thank you Jon!

The Jack Frye Aviation Pioneer blog always welcomes donated photographs and stories about our favorite airline president. As is always the case, we award full credits and attach links to your donated materials.

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