Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jack Frye - Arizona's #1 Pilot, Literally!

As a side story, another noteable first for Jack Frye being awarded the very First Pilots License in the state of Arizona. Here is the article describing the event during the covering of Jack coming to Phoenix piloting his executive DC aircraft to establish a new Phoenix-San Francisco air line route, another noteable first for TWA. I believe this "fly-In" occured in September of 1938 which as stated in this article, 11 years prior or 1927 was when the license was actually awarded. Jack was also awarded a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity in order to establish and provide Air Transportation service through Arizona.

I am in contact with the appropriate Arizona officials to obtain copies of these historic documents and will share them with you on the Jack Frye blog, hopefully in the near future.


Below is the moment aviator Jack Frye arrived at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix for what newspaper writers called a Homecoming of Arizona's No.1 Pilot.

Airline baggage image courtesy Danial Kusrow

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