Saturday, April 13, 2013

Road Trip series of Jack Frye's past in Arizona

Its finally coming to fruition... We are embarking on a series of trips to the Southwest in order to retrace the very grounds in which our favorite TWA President had such a large influence on airline industry. There will also be some interesting accounts of his personal life. This weekend marks the first trip in which my wife and I will be doing research on the ground and in various halls of records seeking facts, producing video and photographs related to Jack Frye.

Photo courtesy Nevajac Frye collection
We are very excited to be able to share with you the reading audience our impressions and accountings on this great mans professional impact on the Southwest airline scene. To be able to walk in his steps five decades later, and have the opportunity to share our experiences with his daughter and grandchildren is a complete honor.

Some of the subjects we hope to bring to you:

  • Pioneering airport locations of commerce
  • Key commerce business meeting rooms
  • Private Jack Frye dwellings
  • Jack Frye ranch properties
  • Video accounting and memorial of Jack Frye's last day of his life
  • St. Mary's Hospital

Stay tuned as this series unfolds on the Jack Frye Aviation Pioneer blog.


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