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Aviation Hall of Fame

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Monday, August 26, 2019

JACK FRYE Video Bibliography

We have been meaning to do this project for the Jack Frye audience for quite some time. It is now officially completed. The presentation is produced in 5 parts and we are proud to bring it too you. It primarily centers on Jack Frye's professional career and impact on the Airline Industry in America and around the world. Sit back and spend some time in the life of this great man of airline history. We hope you enjoy the series.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Presidential Metal of Merit, Oct 1, 1947

A day in the life of President Truman, and Jack Frye:

The President's Day
President Harry S. Truman.  Source: Truman Library.

What do you do in a day? Meet with your boss, employees, clients? Go out to lunch
with friends? Go to the dentist, the grocery store, or school? Come see what
President Truman did every day of his Presidency! Search for a specific day (what
was President Truman doing on your birthday?) or search for a specific person
(how many times did President Truman meet with George Marshall?). President
Truman also met with numerous everyday citizens during the course of his duties--
did he meet with one of your relatives? Search the calendar to find out!
President Harry S. Truman.Source: Truman Library
<<October 1947>>
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This Presidential Appointments Calendar is based upon the records contained in the
Matthew J. Connelly Files
Wednesday, October 1, 1947

   [Public Papers: Letter to Committee Chairmen on the Situation
in Western Europe]
10:00 amThe President spoke briefly to the Members
of the Citizens Food Committee and the Cabinet
Food Committee, in the Moving Picture Theatre in
the White House
(Arranged by Dr. John R. Steelman) [Public Papers]
10:15 am(Honorable J. K. Vardaman)
10:25 am(Judge Douglas L. Edmonds)
10:30 amSenator J. Howard McGrath
11:00 amMr. James G. Patton, President, National Farmers
(Wrote the President early in September, stating
there were a number of matters of national importance
which he would like to discuss with the President
11:30 amThe President received the first Purple Heart
Viola, opening the local drive for the Order
of the Purple Heart.
Mrs. Claude Allen, President, local Chapter, & Sgt. Allen
Mrs. Beatrice Donovan, National Senior Vice
President of Ladies Auxiliary; Carole French, aged 3
(The President received the first viola last year
in July. There will be no national drive as such,
this year, and it will be left to each community
to choose time they think best. They wanted this
publicity, however, to start things off)
11:35 am(Mr. Fred McClerkin)
11:45 am(Honorable John Fahey, Federal Home Loan Bank
(Arranged by David Niles - off record)
12:00 pmDr. Edwin G. Nourse, Chairman, Council of Economic
Mr. Leon H. Keyserling, Vice Chairman
(To go over their quarterly memoranda. Dr.
Nourse spoke to the President about this when he
was in on September 24th.)
12:30 pmCommander James O'Neill, of the American Legion
(Newly elected - to pay respects. Arranged at
request of Secretary John L. Sullivan)
12:45 pmThe President awarded the Medal of Merit to
Colonel Louis Johnson
Colonel Jess Auton, Army Air Forces
Stephen Ailes
General James B. Burns
Lampton Berry, State Department
Honorable Tom C. ClarkAttorney General
Honorable Oscar L. Chapman, Under Secretary of Interior
General Oliver P. Echols, Army Air Forces
Honorable Mariner [Marriner] Eccles, Chairman, Federal

Reserve System
Guy Farmer
Abner S. Ferguson
General Lewis B. Hershey, Director, Office of
Selective Service Records
Honorable Maple T. Harl, Chairman, FDIC
Frederick S. Hill
Colonel J. Monroe Johnson, Director, Office of
Defense Transportation
Honorable Arthur Krock, Washington Bureau, New York Times
Honorable H. M. Kilgore, United States Senate
Honorable Darrell F. Lane, Federal Security Agency
Hon. Scott W. Lucas
Ernest Lindley
Donald O. Lincoln
I. Martin Leavitt
Darrell T. Lane
Honorable Watson S. Miller
Honorable James E. Markham
Paul F. Mickey
William E. Miller
Hon. James F. O'Neil
J. J. O'Donovan
Harold Philips
Colonel Louis S. Renfrew, Office of Selective Service
Honorable Oswald Ryan, CAB, Vice Chairman
Honorable Stanley F. Reed, Justice, Supreme Court
Honorable John L. SullivanSecretary of the Navy
Honorable W. Stuart SymingtonSecretary for Air
Howard Starling
Earl Slick
General John Thomas Taylor
Honorable Fred M. Vinson, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
T. O. Kraabel
Lynn V. Stambaugh
Thomas M. Owne, Jr.
C. W. Van Horn
Colonel A. Robert Ginsburgh
Jack Frye
Robert White
Richard S. Jones
Gordon Gray
J. Raymond Berry
   [Public Papers: Citation Accompanying Medal for Merit Awarded to
Louis Johnson]
1:00 pm(Lunch)
4:00 pmThe President received at the White House the delegates
and their wives who were attending a conference in
Washington under the auspices of the International
Meteorological Organization.

Truman Photographs for October 1, 1947
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Johnson Receives Merit Award

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Frye Humidor

Cigar humidors are not a big deal right? I mean, they are just wooden boxes that house and keep the contents fresh. Well this humidor is different because it belonged to one of Americas greatest pioneers in Airline aviation history. This is Jack Frye's humidor.

Being an airline mogul and very successful business entrepreneur during the golden age of aviation, Jack acquired some very nice personal tastes. As it were he entertained many distinguished high powered people over fine dinners and drink, and this writers favorite - fine cigars. 

This photo donated by his daughter Nevajac Frye is Jacks personal cigar humidor that to this day dawns her mantle, a prized possession of her dads belongings. Oh the historical pioneering conversations with key people about the emerging business and the fine Cuban Habana cigars he must have offered during those meetings from this humidor during the glamorous and rapid growth of American aviation, I can only imagine.

Many photos of Jack Frye you will notice, he has cigars in his suit coat pocket, between his lips and clutched with his fingers. If there ever was a person who just looked perfect with a lit cigar, it was Jack Frye.