Thursday, October 2, 2014

Connie 48610 - The First Air Force One!

This is one of three Lockheed Constellation planes President Eisenhower used during
the early years of his presidency in the 1950's. (Photo by Steve Shadley)

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Constellation 48610 - Columbine II, 1953
video courtesy The First Air Force One

This just in from a close friend who thought the blog would enjoy watching. Thank you Kirk!

This long lost Connie is the very first Air Force One that served General Dwight Eisenhower. It now resides north of Tucson Arizona being attended to by a small crew of restoration enthusiasts who are trying to save her from eternal dilapidation. 

If Jack Frye were around when this gem of a plane was removed from service, I am sure he would have rounded up his buddies and some investors to keep this plane in top running order for posterity. One can only imagine...

Enjoy the video,

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Constellation Anniversary Flight

Hi Jack Frye and TWA fans and followers.

We had reported the re-enactment Flight of the Connie sponsored by the National Airline History Museum (NAHM) on this post as being scheduled to occur April 17, 2014. This was to be the 70th anniversary flight from Burbank California to Washington DC commemorating the maiden commercial flight in 1947 piloted by Jack Frye and Howard Hughes.

I am sad to report the flight has been postponed due to reasons unknown at this time. For up to date info you may follow this link. Lets hope this historic flight does indeed take place...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Frye & Western Air embrace Lucky '13'

A young 30 year old Jack Frye on May 13, 1934 paints no.13 on the tail fin of NC584K
defying superstition for the new mail line. Read the related numerology below.