Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Frye & Western Air embrace Lucky '13'

A young 30 year old Jack Frye on May 13, 1934 paints no.13 on the tail fin of NC584K
defying superstition for the new mail line. Read the related numerology below.


  1. This entry is a reach, the man on left is not Frye, he had curly hair and doesn't look like him, press knew him well, if it was him they would have said so.

    1. It's curious Anonymous you could form an opinion about Mr. Fryes physical features being suspect in this photo when in fact when compared to the many genuine photos of him on this site, clearly validates this photo as being Jack Frye. Secondly, though it wasn't necessary to do so, when asked to confirm her fathers identity in this photo, Jacks only surviving child confirms this photo is definitely of her father. Kind regards.