Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Frye Humidor

Cigar humidors are not a big deal right? I mean, they are just wooden boxes that house and keep the contents fresh. Well this humidor is different because it belonged to one of Americas greatest pioneers in Airline aviation history. This is Jack Frye's humidor.

Being an airline mogul and very successful business entrepreneur during the golden age of aviation, Jack acquired some very nice personal tastes. As it were he entertained many distinguished high powered people over fine dinners and drink, and this writers favorite - fine cigars. 

This photo donated by his daughter Nevajac Frye is Jacks personal cigar humidor that to this day dawns her mantle, a prized possession of her dads belongings. Oh the historical pioneering conversations with key people about the emerging business and the fine Cuban Habana cigars he must have offered during those meetings from this humidor during the glamorous and rapid growth of American aviation, I can only imagine.

Many photos of Jack Frye you will notice, he has cigars in his suit coat pocket, between his lips and clutched with his fingers. If there ever was a person who just looked perfect with a lit cigar, it was Jack Frye.

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